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Three Things we learned from Opening Night

What a first day of the NBA Season! We saw Miami get their rings, the battle of LA and that other game between Orlando and Indiana. While a lot of great basketball went on, there were a few things that we can take away from the first couple of games on the year. 

1) Roy Hibbert is a monster - So the Orlando vs. Indiana game wasn't put on National TV, yet if you were able to get the game, you saw an absolutely dominate performance from Roy Hibbert. In a game versus one of the up-and-coming Center prospects in Nikola Vucevic, Hibbert sent the kid to school, using his height to get 16 rebounds and 7 blocks, to pair with 8 points. Absolutely dominating the paint was the key for the Pacers as they held off a rally by the Magic to win their first game. The most blocks in a single game last year was by Roy Hibbert himself. He put up 11 blocks against the New Orleans Hornets November 21st. Roy will get another chance to dominate tomorrow as he guessed it! New Orleans! The Pelicans could start either Jason Smith or Greg Stiemsma as their Center. Uh oh New Orleans.

2) The Bulls need to address their offensive woes - So the Chicago Bulls have been talked about quite a bit this year as a valid contender to the Heat, yet we watched a team who struggled to put the ball in the net. Chicago took 83 shots to make 95 points, which is definitely not a good sign for the Bulls.The Bulls offensive efficiency rating is just over 98.2, which is only better than two team's average last year, Charlotte and Washington. (calculations done at Spoiler Alert: That's pretty bad. This team lacks shooters, especially from behind the arc, to get Derrick Rose open lanes. If it wasn't for Boozer scoring 31, it could've been worse.

3) The Lakers are going to shoot a TON of three's this year - So out of nowhere, the Lakers upstaged the high-flying Clippers in the surprise of the day. How did the Lakers put up the points? The Lakers went 14-29 from behind the arc, a very effective 48% from behind the arc. The stat that should stand out though is the 29 attempted three-pointers. Last year, both the Rockets and the Knicks averaged 28.9 three-pointers a game. Both of those teams made the playoffs, which could be a positive sign for LA Lakers fans, yet this team is going to shoot them and often. Laker bench players Jordan Farmar, Wesley Johnson, Jodie Meeks and Xavier Henry combined alone for 17 three-point attempts. This is how the Lakers are going to have to score.