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Full Guide to Previewing the 2013-2014 NBA Season

THE SEASON STARTS TOMORROW FOLKS! I have been posting previews to each team in order I have them ranked, yet I can imagine it would be difficult to find them once I get to blogging like crazy this year, so I'm putting the links to each preview right here:

#1 Miami Heat :

#2 San Antonio Spurs:

#3 Chicago Bulls:

#4 Indiana Pacers:

#5 Oklahoma City Thunder:

#6 Houston Rockets:

#7 LA Clippers:

#8 Brooklyn Nets:

#9 Golden State Warriors:

#10 New York Knicks:

#11 Memphis Grizzlies:

#12 Atlanta Hawks:

#13 Minnesota Timberwolves:

#14 Portland Trail-Blazers:

#15 Dallas Mavericks:

#16 Denver Nuggets:

#17 Boston Celtics:

#18 Cleveland Cavaliers:

#19 New Orleans Pelicans:

#20 Detroit Pistons:

#21 LA Lakers:

#22 Washington Wizards:

#23 Toronto Raptors:

#24 Sacramento Kings:

#25 Utah Jazz:

#26 Milwaukee Bucks:

#27 Orlando Magic:

#28 Charlotte Bobcats:

#29 Phoenix Suns:

#30 Philadelphia 76ers:

There are a ton of story lines to look forward to. The Heat going for the Three Peat, the return of Derrick Rose, The rise of new teams such as the Pacers and Rockets and Nets and Warriors. It's going to be a wild year! Now as usual, going into predictions this year will be interesting. At the end of the year, this is what the All-NBA Teams should look like:

1st Team: C.Paul, D.Rose, L.James, K.Durant, D.Howard

2nd Team: J.Harden, K.Irving, C.Anthony, K.Love, B.Lopez

3rd Team: S.Curry, K.Bryant, D.Nowitzki, D.Lee, T.Duncan

And then there's the specific awards:

Defensive Player of the Year: JaVale McGee

Most Improved Player: Enes Kanter

Rookie of the Year: Victor Oladipo

Coach of the Year: Rick Adelman

6th Man of the Year: Manu Ginobili

MVP: Kevin Durant

And of course there's the Standings! I only did the regular season predictions and not the playoffs, so here's what the Standings could look like at the end of the regular season:


Miami Heat 68-14

Chicago Bulls 58-24 

Indiana Pacers 57-25

Brooklyn Nets 54-28

New York Knicks 49-33

Atlanta Hawks 45-37

Boston Celtics 41-41

Cleveland Cavaliers 38-44

Detroit Pistons 33-49

Washington Wizards 31-51

Toronto Raptors 30-52

Milwaukee Bucks 27-55

Orlando Magic 25-57

Charlotte Bobcats 24-58

Philadelphia 76ers 16-66


San Antonio Spurs 61-21

Oklahoma City Thunder 57-25

Houston Rockets 56-26

Los Angeles Clippers 54-28

Golden State Warriors 50-32

Memphis Grizzlies 47-35

Minnesota Timberwolves 45-37

Portland Trail-Blazers 44-38

Dallas Mavericks 43-39

Denver Nuggets 41-41

New Orleans Pelicans 37-45

Los Angeles Lakers 33-49

Sacramento Kings 29-53

Utah Jazz 28-54

Phoenix Suns 21-61

Everyone get ready, because the NBA is back!