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NBA Team Previews: #22 Washington Wizards

22) Washington Wizards - 29-53 in the 2012-2013 season. T11th in the East. 3rd in the Southeast.

John Wall is back to full health, and that should have Wizards fans pumped this season. The team has been in rebuilding mode for a few years, yet now they get the chance to showcase everything they have...well at least until Okafor got injured. This team has a lot of people predicting playoffs, and the young guns will be a key if they plan on getting to the playoffs for the first time since the 2007-2008 season. This team has the potential, but will they fulfill it?

Acquired: Martell Webster, Eric Maynor, Al Harrington 

Drafted: Otto Porter Jr (#3), Glen Rice Jr (#35)

Lost: No One...

Depth Chart:

Starters: John Wall (PG), Bradley Beal (SG), Trevor Ariza (SF), Kevin Seraphin (PF), Nene (C)

Bench: Emeka Okafor (injury), Otto Porter (SF), Eric Maynor (PG), Martell Webster (SF), Al Harrington (PF)

Team Stock:

Up: Bradley Beal - Beal was their #3 draft pick last year, and he's turned out to be very useful for the Wizards. In a league that is currently weak at the Shooting Guard spot, Beal is one of the players with very high potential to be a star at the 2 spot. Beal has proven he can score with the best of them, and with the return of John Wall, another huge output is on the horizon for Bradley. 

Down: Emeka Okafor - It's been a hard road for Okafor ever since being the #2 overall pick in 2004. He began in Charlotte, then went to New Orleans and now to Washington, yet wherever he goes the injury bug seems to haunt him. Out again with yet another injury, this time to his neck, it will be another tough year of battling for Okafor to try and prove his worth to the Wizards with such high hopes.

X-Factor: John Wall - DO THE JOHN WALL FOLKS! HE'S BACK! The star Point Guard of the Wizards returned midway last year from a knee injury, and while it was too late to change the fortune last year, a new season has many believing this is the year Wall breaks out and shows his true potential and takes the NBA by storm. Will he? It's gonna be fun to watch him play again.

Question to Ponder...Who starts at the Small Forward Spot?

This question really intrigues me about this team. They payed Martell Webster a 4Y/$22M deal, they have Trevor Ariza who has proven he can start in the league and make a difference, and then there's Otto Porter. They drafted Porter #3 in the draft, which usually means they want that guy as one of their stars for the future. So who starts? The guy getting 5 million+ a year? The guy who is most talented? The guy with the most potential? I have a feeling this team will have them each try the starting role during the year before they make a long-term decision.

Bold Prediction for the Washington Wizards: Bradley Beal will make the All-Star Team this year!

I love watching Beal play. He's been a sensational scorer, and is once again proving that in the preseason. It will be a tough task with the likes of Derrick Rose, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Dwayne Wade and even his teammate John Wall to compete with, but his game screams big scoring numbers for him, which could help with the voters. I like his chances. I think he makes the team and has one of those years people will be talking about for a while and even have to consider for Most Improved Player of the Year.

Projected Record: 31-51 10th in the East, 3rd in the Southeast.