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2013 NBA Player Rankings: 10-1

And finally, we reach the top 10!!!

10: Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers) - Cleveland is excited yet again, and not just because Lebron is a free agent next year. Irving has planned sensational, and has fans thinking big things this year, including a possible playoff birth in the weak Eastern Conference. If Irving has another huge year, it might just happen, which would be the first for Cleveland since the 2009-2010 season.

9: Tony Parker (Spurs) - Tony Parker might be the most underrated superstar PG in the league. Parker had a postseason full of strong play and even some clutch shots, and now must repeat after a devastating loss to Miami in the Finals. It's going to be interesting how the Spurs lay out the expectations for Parker with Duncan and Ginobili's retirements coming closer and closer.

8: Tim Duncan (Spurs) - Even in his age, Timmy is playing stronger than ever. Nearly helping the Spurs to the title by shoving around Heat big man Chris Bosh all series, Duncan looked younger than ever. Yet another year older, and title hopes still abound, Timmy will have to keep it going for San Antonio to get back to the NBA Finals for redemption.

7: Carmelo Anthony (Knicks) - One thing about Carmelo, he can flat out score the ball. Melo lead the league in Points Per Game last year, yet once again the Knicks fell well short of the NBA Finals and their goal, getting beat by the Pacers. This year, it will be up to Melo and the gang to help get the Knicks to the promised land.

6: Kobe Bryant (Lakers) - Even though the Lakers are falling fast, they still got Kobe. While the injury definitely affects Kobe's year, he's still going to be forced to put up insane numbers with the lack of help he has around him. While the Lakers aren't expected to do much, expect Kobe to make a run at the points record with a huge year.

5: Derrick Rose (Bulls) - HE'S BACK!!! After being out nearly a year and a half of basketball due to a horrific injury, Derrick Rose is making his return, and based on his moves in the Preseason, it's pretty easy to see why people are excited. With the Bulls expected to be a contender this year, Rose will have to return to his old dominating self for Chicago to live up to the hype this year.

4: Dwight Howard (Rockets) - While Dwight hasn't had the most success of late, he's still by far the best Center in the league. Howard showed in his time with the Magic and even on some accounts with the Lakers just how dominate and powerful inside he can be, when he's wasn't injured. Now he's in Houston, and Rocket fans expect a monster year for Dwight. Big expectations fast.

3: Chris Paul (Clippers) - CP3 is looking for much more than to load up the stat board. Paul is now in his 3rd year with the Clippers and has yet to get past the second round of the playoffs. With new additions to the team and Blake expected to bring his game up, Chris Paul will be asked to yet again do his thing at Point Guard to hopefully lead LA's new superpower far in the playoffs.

2: Kevin Durant (Thunder) - Durant is looking to prove he's not just the second best NBA player. After another year of falling short in the postseason and hearing all about Lebron, KD seems very motivated this year to prove the critics wrong. Now with Westbrooks injury to start the year, the pressure on Durant to have the best season of his career is huge. OKC will look for Durant to be dominant.

1: LeBron James (Heat) - The King is getting pretty comfy on his throne. LeBron has taken the past two years to really show his critics wrong. This year's Finals weren't as easy as the year prior, yet LeBron's insane athletic ability was lethal, and got the Heat their repeat. Now with other teams getting better and tougher, LeBron will have to keep it up this year if he wants the Three-Peat.