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2013 NBA Player Rankings: 20-11

Now we get to the interesting part of the list!

20: Chris Bosh (Heat) - Let's face it, Bosh made the play that saved the Heat's hopes last sure. His effort and willingness to accept the lower role is what keyed the two titles for Miami. Now that LeBron is considering taking his talents someone else, this could be an audition year for Bosh as well, to show either Miami or other teams what he can offer to them. Expect a big year from CB4

19: Dirk Nowitzki (Mavs) - I feel real bad for Dirk. Two years out from winning a title, Nowitzki never really got any help from Mark Cuban and the Mavs to give him a team to contend with. Now working with the unproven rookies and older role players, it'll be up to Dirk once again to carry the load for Dallas' hopes for this year.

18: Roy Hibbert (Pacers) - Talk about a huge season for Hibbert. His play at the Center helped the Pacers get by a weak Magic team, take out the high hope Knicks, and nearly knock off the eventual champs in Miami. The team matched his max deal last year, and it looks now like a great decision. We'll see how he follows up this year, with huge expectations.

17: Kevin Love (Timberwolves) - Even with all the trade rumors and injuries, K-Love still has the highest potential of any PF in the league. His range and power inside is something that has had Minnesota fans more excited since KG's days. Now with the team somewhat healthy (other than Budinger), the question is if Love can do enough to get the T-Wolves to the playoffs.

16: Marc Gasol (Grizzlies) - Almost carrying a team to the NBA Finals will get you a big bump on the list. Gasol showed he's got just as much game as his brother if not more by dominating the paint in all three of the Grizzlies series and won him Defensive Player of the Year. Now it's up to him to follow up the solid performance and get Memphis excited for another year.

15: Dwayne Wade (Heat) - This year could be a bounce-back year or a disaster year for Wade. Last year was muddled with injuries and inconsistent play caused many to wonder if the years were catching up. With the Heat the favorites to win it all again, Miami will have to keep an eye on Wade to see how he bounces back this year.

14: James Harden (Rockets) - The trade to Houston really seemed to work out for James Harden. Now the "star" of the team along with Dwight Howard, he seems much more comfortable being the main scorer instead of competing with Westbrook and Durant for shots. The expectations are through the roof for Houston, and how far they go will very much depend on Harden's play this year.

13: Paul George (Pacers) - Indiana fans probably completely forgot about Granger in last year's playoffs. Paul George's play electrified the team and nearly got them past the Heat, and gave the fans a fantastic Eastern Conference Finals. Now with the pieces together and Granger's return, it's up to Paul George to keep up his big numbers to get Indy back to at least the East Finals.

12: Rajon Rondo (Celtics) - I know I know, the ACL injury is a big one and will hurt his game, but I still really like Rondo. His game is tough to combat being one of the top steal artists in the game along with possibly the best passer behind Chris Paul. Once he returns from his injury, not only will he be asked to put up a big workload for Boston, but will be asked to lead the team now that the Vets are gone. It's his team now.

11: Russell Westbrook (Thunder) - Speaking of depressing injuries, we get to Westbrook. Russell took more shots than anyone else in the NBA last year, and yet his athleticism is nearly impossibly to combat at the Point Guard position. Westbrook's return will be anxiously awaited in OKC, and he'll have to return strong if the Thunder hope to get Oklahoma City their first title.