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2013 NBA Player Rankings: 30-21

And the list continues!

30: Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) - I feel horrible for this kid. After locking Lebron down during the Finals, he's mostly remember for his missed free-throw, setting up the Ray Allen three that changed the Finals. This year will be the year of response for the Spurs' future star as he tries to repeat the spectacular year he had last.

29: Al Horford (Hawks) - Every time I see someone putting the Hawks low on their Power Rankings, I get a little frustrated. Al had a fantastic year and should look to have another with Paul Millsap now his counterpart in the frontcourt. While the Hawks might not be title contenders, Horford should have another solid double-double average year for Hotlanta.

28: Andre Iguodala (Warriors) - I'm rooting for some stability for Andre. He's been traded from Philly to Denver and now resides in Golden State with a Warrior team with interesting expectations. As long as he and the gang stay healthy, this could be a very dangerous sleeper team with Iguodala's sensational defensive presence.

27: Joakim Noah (Bulls) - With Derrick Rose's return, it'll be an interesting transition for Noah. Joakim had a very solid yeah on the glass and even had the highest PPG average in his career. The expectations for the Bulls are very high, and Joakim will have to be up to the task to prove that Chicago can challenge Miami in the East.

26: Blake Griffin (Clippers) - This might just be a make-or-break year for Blake. With all the hype in LA, the Clippers have yet to get past the first round with their new roster, most of the criticism due to Blake's lack of an offensive game. Now with expectations higher than ever, Griffin is going to have to answer the critics and put up big numbers for the Clippers to make progress in the playoffs.

25: John Wall (Wizards) - Will the rise of John Wall return this year? After injuries slowed his progress, Wall returns with a team that has sneaky potential of the playoffs in the lackluster East. The Wizards will depend on Wall for a lot, and it will be a very interesting story to see how Wall returns along with how far he can take Washington.

24: Josh Smith (Pistons) - Not a lot of people thought the Pistons would take Smith in the offseason, yet now he's a Piston. More than likely he will be playing Small Forward, which will be compelling to watch due to his massive struggles from behind the 3-Point Line and reckless abandon to take 3-Pointers anyway. His first year in Detroit will be if anything...a spectacle to watch.

23: Stephen Curry (Warriors) - Last year was a remarkable year for Curry. Taking big shots when the Warriors needed, going on scoring sprees like he didn't care, and helping the Warriors nearly take out the Spurs in the playoffs after upsetting the Nuggets. Now with more talent on the roster, Curry will be in position to repeat last year with another fantastic year and who knows how far Golden State can get...

22: Brook Lopez (Nets) - Talk about getting Brook some help inside. The Nets traded for KG and Paul Pierce, which should help commonly double-teamed Lopez get easier shots and become an even better player. With title hopes in Brooklyn rampant, Brook might just be the key piece that needs an all-star caliber year to get the Nets far in the playoffs.

21: LaMarcus Aldridge (Trail-Blazers) - It's been a tough couple of years for the Blazer fans. After countless years of hopeful promise destroyed by injuries, the Blazers look to yet again make a run at the playoffs, and a big part of that will be their star Aldridge. Another strong 20+ PPG 9+ RPG year will be asked of LaMarcus if the Blazers look to get a playoff spot this year in the tough Western Conference.