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2013 NBA Player Rankings: 50-41

Let the list Begin!

50: Anthony Davis (Pelicans) - Davis looks like he's ready for a big jump this year. Already having one heck of a preseason, the Unibrow looks like he's gonna be a key piece in deciding whether New Orleans will be contending for a Playoff spot, or if they'll be struggling at the bottom of the West.

49: Paul Millsap (Hawks) - It seems like people almost forgot Millsap existed in the NBA. A huge player on the Jazz's playoff team last year, his change to the East Conference should be a nice one. Paul could be a very realistic contender for an All-Star spot, and could push Atlanta farther than Josh Smith did in his time on the Hawks.

48: Jrue Holiday (Pelicans) - The chance of scenery has to be a factor this year for Holiday. While many other have Jrue higher on their lists, he's struggled with turnovers and is brought into a brand new system and new supporting cast. This might be a transition year for Holiday, but still expect big stats from the young Point Guard.

47: Pau Gasol (Lakers) - It's going to be a very interesting year for the Lakeshow. Pau is going to have to play a huge role with Kobe recovering from his injury, and the fans won't be easy on him after he was almost traded a couple years ago. With no Dwight around anymore, it's up to him to control the paint.

46: Kevin Garnett (Nets) - Now in Brooklyn as one of the savy veterans, KG is looking for one more big shot at the title. Moving once again from playing Center last year for Boston to playing PF alongside Brook Lopez will take some adjusting. Garnett's stats won't be huge, but he's still a huge key for the Nets success.

45:  Damian Lillard (Trail-Blazers) - Young Damian Lillard ran away with Rookie of the Year last year, yet the Blazers fell apart last year losing 13 games in a row to end the year. While Portland is still in what seems to be another transition year, Blazer fans will look for Lillard to provide big numbers and attempt to spark a playoff push.

44: Paul Pierce (Nets) - Many people thought Pierce would always be a Celtic, but rebuilding a team causes crazy moves. Now the Nets SF and with Andrea Kirilenko backing him up, Brooklyn fans are expecting a strong year from the veteran. It will be interesting to see how he handles the new scenery, especially his new PG.

43: David West (Pacers) - The Pacers came very close to knocking off the Heat last year, a lot due to David West's dominance against Chris Bosh. Now with Granger returning and expectations higher than ever, West will be expected to play an even bigger role if the Pacers want to play title contenders. David will be the key for Indiana this year.

42: Ty Lawson (Nuggets) - Lawson has got a lot of pressure on him. With the departure of Iguodala and the departure of George Karl, the fans are wondering how good their team will be. With a lot of injuries and missing pieces, Ty will have to pick up the pace to keep the Nuggets in the race for the playoffs. A tough task indeed.

41: DeMarcus Cousins (Kings) - Cousins is a tough situation. Many talk about his poor attitude with Sacramento, but he's got a lot of game. The Kings aren't making any huge jumps this year, but this seems like a token year for DeMarcus to put up huge numbers and prove he can be one of the top Centers in the League.