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2013 NBA Player Rankings: Honorable Mentions

ESPN has been doing their own NBA Rank for the top 325 players. I decided that maybe 325 was a little bit too much, so I decided to make a list of the Top 50 players. I'll do them in 10 player intervals. Obviously not everyone's and most likely most people will not agree with the list I have, so write down in the comments how you feel. Here are the list of players that didn't make my original list, but are honorable mentions:

Jeff Green (Celtics) - It's too early to tell on Green. He had a fantastic return, and sparked the Boston Celtics going into the playoffs. Yet with the complete remodeling of the team mostly with the mega-trade with the Nets, this team will rely much more on Jeff. We will see how Green handles the pressures of Boston.

Al Jefferson (Bobcats) - This one honestly was a mistake. Jefferson should probably be on this list. Though a new environment on one of the biggest disappointing franchises in the Bobcats will be an adjustment to say the least. Jefferson will still put up great numbers, but I question how well he will perform in his new situation in Charlotte.

Serge Ibaka (Thunder) - I don't get why Ibaka is in many people's Top 50. His numbers have been decent since the Harden trade, but now with Westbrook out, the Thunder will look to him as an offensive weapon, which is not his strong suite. I expect a real big struggle this year in the expectations Oklahoma City puts on Serge, even though I believe he still will have a decent year.

Rudy Gay (Raptors) - Rudy Gay is a solid player, just not in the Top 50. Since the trade to Toronto, the team has had quite the spark, but credit that to a full team finally being put together. While Rudy puts up good numbers, he won't be the "star" Toronto needs to get them into the playoffs this year.

Klay Thompson (Warriors) - This year is going to be a big test for Thompson. With Andre Iguodala now traded to the Warriors, he'll be fighting for playing time with Iggy and Harrison Barnes. Thompson shined for Golden State in their playoff run last year, but he's gonna have to make a big leap if he wants to still be a starter on the Warriors.